Christie Agreement

„The negotiating representative, who is responsible for representing the majority of workers in a bargaining unit, is bound by the service as the exclusive representative of the negotiations to represent all public officials within the unit, without taking into account the membership of this bargaining representative: provided that any public employee can at any time make his complaint to the public employer and have that complaint adapted without the intervention of the exclusive representative of the negotiations, if the accommodation is not contrary to the terms of a collective agreement, while it is in force, and if the exclusive negotiator has had the appropriate opportunity to be present at a first meeting requested for the settlement of such a complaint.” Unlike RCW 41.56.950`s express authorization, the principles established in Christie to support „retroactive compensation” are therefore not limited to cases where a previous collective agreement was in effect. Although there was indeed such a prior agreement in this case, the essential element of the Tribunal`s decision was the complementary agreement obtained after the expiry of the previous contract, namely that (in the words of the Tribunal): the issue raised by that statute because of its explicit reference to a previous collective agreement, if the Christie rule is not mandatory, such an earlier contract is now also necessary for municipalities under Chapter 41.56 RCW (and therefore the provisions of RCW 41.56.950, above) if some of them are entitled to introduce a retroactive date in a new collective agreement – which expressly excludes or excludes municipalities that are subject to their power. The company`s copyright agent for reporting copyright infringement claims on its website is Abbey Green, which can be reached as follows: Abbey Green Global Copyright Manager Christie`s 20 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY 10020 Tel: 212-707-5941 section 3. Data protection; User Contributions The company is committed to respecting your privacy.