Ally Invest Customer Agreement

3. GENERAL AND OBLIGATIONS Using the Service, you indicate that you accept without change the disclaimers, the terms of sale that apply to Ally Invest and content providers. Ally Invest customers who open an investment account will receive additional levels of access to the site and their relationship with Ally Invest will be subject to additional agreements and terms of use. To be able to use this service, you must access the World Wide Web, directly or via devices that access web content and pay all service charges related to that access. In addition, you must provide all the devices necessary for such a connection to the World Wide Web, including a computer and a modem or any other access device. You also understand and agree that the service may contain advertising and that these ads are necessary for Ally Invest to provide the service. You also understand and agree that the service may contain certain Ally Invest communications, such as service announcements and administrative messages, and that these communications are considered part of the Ally Invest membership and that you will not be able to disable the receipt. Unless expressly stated otherwise, any new function that expands or expands the current service, including the publication of new Ally Invest properties, will be subject to THE INVESTMENT LINE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. You agree to access the service other than through the interfaces provided by Ally Invest to access the service. If you choose to do so, Ally Invest disclaims any responsibility for the results.

The content is provided „as will be seen,” „as available,” and neither Ally Invest nor the content providers provide any assurance that the service or hardware is appropriate for any purpose. Ally Invest and content providers explicitly decline all explicit or unspoken guarantees, including, but not only, market continuity guarantees, adequacy to a particular purpose, title, non-counterfeiting, availability and accuracy regarding service and materials. Content published on Ally Invest`s website is published on the date indicated or, if no date is indicated, on the date of the first publication. Neither Ally Invest nor the content providers have committed to updating this information. Ally Invest offers self-controlled investors discount brokerage services and does not provide any investment advice or recommendations on the service, with the exception of clients bound by a consulting agreement and directly advised by Ally Invest Advisors. You are solely responsible for assessing the benefits and risks of using content on the site before making decisions based on that content. You agree not to hold Ally Invest or content providers liable for any claim for damages arising from a decision you make based on the information provided to you about this Service. The content, investment products and services offered on websites are intended only for U.S. residents. They are not considered an invitation to persons in a jurisdiction where such an injunction would be unlawful.

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