Usc Enterprise Agreement

b) If a dispute is not resolved by the proceedings described above, the matter is referred to a member of the university`s management at the request of one of the parties to the dispute. The executive will meet with the officer, his representative (if any) and the director, human resources department or candidate to try to resolve the issue within 10 business days. Each resolution takes the form of a written agreement. (a) An agent may be invited to temporarily fill a vacant and senior position. If the officer agrees, if he performs all the duties and assumes full responsibility for the position, he is paid in addition to his normal salary. The allowance is equal to the difference between the officer`s salary and the minimum wage for temporary employment and is payable provided that the working time period applies to the following days: (u) An officer is not required to inform weekends without express and express consent. (i) an agreement to reduce his annual salary in exchange for proportionally additional rest leave over a 12-month period or at the request of a professional agent, in order to work regular hours of five consecutive days from Monday to Sunday, if (x) an officer is not required to write or rewrite essentially more than two subjects per year , except by mutual agreement. The writing or adaptation of these subjects will not be disproportionate by individual staff, except by mutual agreement. Benefit programs may be modified at any time by the university at its sole discretion, without notice or liability, as far as applicable legislation permits. If there is a discrepancy between the benefits and restrictions described on this site and a plan document or collective agreement, the terms of the planning document or collective agreement apply. Employees of other companies that have agreements with the University of Southern California to provide wage settlement services are subject to their employer`s policies and procedures.

(aa) If a supervisor and an officer fail to reach an agreement on the allocation of the workload, one of the two persons can enter the DVC (A). The DVC (A) will be advised by both parties and will formulate a resolution. The DVC (A) can be advised by the director, Human Resources. „Negotiations” means holding discussions and real efforts to resolve disputes and reach agreement. (a) a Joint Advisory Committee (CCM) consisting of three university nominees and three EU appointees, one of whom may be a chargé d`affaires; On the basis of prior agreement, additional participants may be invited to attend a CCM meeting. (c) For all university staff and specialized staff already employed at USC at the time of approval of this agreement, the package is calculated as follows: „Consultation” means that participants or, in accordance with this agreement, have access to all relevant documents and have the opportunity to contribute to a decision and exert influence.