Lord Fairfax Community College Transfer Agreements

In addition, students who have another degree in arts and sciences, or a scientific degree or a diploma of 48 hours or more of transferable semester, are guaranteed admission provided they meet the admission criteria. We have a guaranteed admission agreement for certain programs to facilitate the transition from this university to the ODU and to keep your training on track. Before you apply, we give you a free unofficial transfer note so you know how your credits are transferred to the ODU. Get in touch with us for a start! This is the second agreement signed by Shepherd and LFCC. The first gives students who deserve a science associate in chemistry the opportunity to move to Shepherdes Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. As part of the 2-2 rest agreement, students could take outdoor in-order and leadership courses such as outdoor recovery, risk management, management and supervision, adventure and outdoor programming at the CFL, as well as some general training courses. They could then go to Shepherd and attend higher leisure classes, more general teaching classes and optional subjects. Transfer agreements, course equivalents and other information that may be useful in the transfer process are listed for higher education institutions and universities that provide such information. Online access to this university provides information on the transfer to unlisted institutions. In addition, LFCC has even more transfer contracts to choose from, EXPLORE all the possibilities below. Dr.

Stacey Kendig, Chair of the Department of Health, Physical Education, Physical Restoration, Restoration and Sport, is Dr. Stacey Kendig. Dr. Virginia Hicks, Shepherd Assistant Provost of Academic and Community Outreach; Mr. Kim Blosser, President of the CFLC; and Stacey Ellis, LFCC`s Health, Physical Education and Recreation Program Manager. LFCC consultants are here to help you through the entire transfer process. A new agreement between Fairfax Community College and Eastern Mennonite University allows transfer students to earn a bachelor`s degree in management and organization. Starting in the fall of 2018, the Virginia Community College System has updated all math course numbers. Some 4-year-old universities and universities are still updating their agreements and transfer guides to reflect these new course numbers.