Confidentiality And Non-Disclosure Agreement Philippines

(a) I will immediately pass this invention or creative work in writing to my immediate supervisor in the company, with a copy to the president, to enable the company to claim the rights it may claim under this agreement. This disclosure is recorded confidentially by the company and verified by the company within a reasonable period of time after publication, in accordance with the company`s current procedure to determine the company`s rights over such inventions or creative works, as part of this agreement. If the company realizes that it does not claim any rights to such an invention or creative work, the company will keep that disclosure confidential and will not use it until I have informed in writing the invention or creative work that the company may disclose or use the invention or creative work, or until such disclosure is known or used in the company`s no-fault area. In the event that the company holds rights to the invention or creative work under this agreement, the company is authorized to preserve or destroy the confidentiality of disclosure by me, at the sole discretion of the company; 15. Successors and beneficiaries of the assignment This agreement binds my heirs, executors, directors or other legal representatives and serves the Company, its successors and the beneficiaries of the transfer. A confidentiality agreement is a document used to protect confidential information disclosed by individuals or businesses in the context of a business relationship. It establishes an enforceable agreement between the parties so that they will not disclose or use the confidential information for purposes other than the purpose of the business relationship. 17. Counterparties This agreement can be signed in two counterparts, each being considered original and the two together form an agreement. 2.

The Business Development Officer understands and accepts that all COMPANY records and documents and any information, data, procedures or processes relating to the business or affairs of ENTREPRISES or its clients are completely confidential and that he cannot disclose or disclose this information or data to a natural or legal person without the prior authorization of the President. , even after the termination of this contract. The breach of this confidentiality makes the Business Development Officer liable for criminal and civil debts under current law and provides grounds for immediate termination of the agreement; 10. Other commitments to which I recognize that the company may, from time to time, have agreements with other persons or with the government of the Country Or Country Indication that impose obligations or restrictions on the company for inventions or creative works that have been made during its work in connection with or in relation to such work. I agree to be bound to all these obligations and restrictions and take all necessary measures to fulfill the obligations of the company. 11. Other People`s Business Secrets I confirm that my compliance with all the terms of this contract and as an advisor to the company does not violate any trust or trust agreement before consulting the company, and I will not disclose to the company confidential information or owners or materials belonging to a former employer or other persons. , nor that I encourage the company to use them. I agree not to enter into a written or oral agreement.

Confidentiality agreements are often used between companies that are considering doing business with each other and need to understand each other`s processes or data to evaluate and establish an enterprise agreement. They are also used in employer-worker relationships where workers must have access to confidential information in the course of their work, but the employer wishes to ensure that the worker does not use or deiving this information for other purposes.