Apple Developer Program Program License Agreement

Millions of developers and companies build, send and expect their software on GitHub, the world`s largest and most advanced development platform. To accept this agreement, the user must have already accepted the license agreement of Apple Developer Program in the Member Center with the role of team agent. GitHub is home to more than 50 million developers who work together to host and verify code, manage projects and create software together. The problem is that I don`t know how to approve the agreements… And below it says „Msater agreements” contracts in effect and there are a few buttons like installation, editing, ads and download links, but I can`t see „I vote” button. That`s why I`d be happy to let myself be guided step by step. 7.2 If you no longer have the legal right to license apps or give Apple the power to allow end-users to access licensed apps under Appendix 2, you agree to notify Apple immediately and remove licensed apps from the App Store with tools provided on iTunes Connect; provided, however, that such verification, pursuant to Section 7.2, does not deduct you from your obligations to Apple under Application 2 or the end user with respect to these licensed applications. The name of the post or service, The duration of the subscription (duration and/or content/services provided in each period) Indicate the cost of resuming the subscription – The user can manage the subscriptions and disable the automatic renewal service with the corresponding account settings after the purchase, a link to your privacy policy and terms of use, and the unused portion of the free trial period will be lost if the user has been offered a subscription to that contribution, if appropriate.