Aeu Author Agreement

Contributors Each author is required to indicate his individual contribution to the article: All authors must have participated significantly in the research and/or preparation of the article, so that the roles must be described for all authors. The assertion that all authors accepted the final article should be true and be included in the disclosure. Please include the full name of all co-authors in international format as the given name . No initials are allowed on the general information page. Illustration Services Elsevier`s author services offer illustration services for authors who are preparing to submit a manuscript, but are concerned about the quality of the images accompanying their article. Experienced illustrators at Elsevier can create scientific, technical and medical images as well as a range of diagrams, tables and graphs. Image `Polishing` is also available, where our illustrators take your images and improve them to a professional standard. Please visit the site to learn more. This review offers authors two ways to publish their research: Online Proof Correction In order to ensure a rapid publication process of the article, we ask authors to provide us with their proof corrections within two days. Affected authors receive an email with a link to our online proofing system that allows an online note and proof correction. The environment is similar to MS Word: In addition to editing text, you can also comment on numbers/tables and answer questions from the copy editor.

Web-based proofing allows for a faster and less error-prone process because you can enter your corrections directly, avoiding potential error filing. If you wish, you can select your changes in the PDF version with comments and downloads. All proof instructions are given in the email we send to the authors, including alternative methods to the online version and pdf. We will do everything in our power to publish your article quickly and accurately. Use this evidence only to verify the sentence, processing, completeness and accuracy of the text, tables and images. Substantial changes to the article, as adopted for publication, will only be taken into account at this stage with the publisher`s permission. It is important to ensure that all corrections are returned to a communication. Please check carefully before responding, as further corrections cannot be guaranteed. Rereading is your responsibility. Abstract A concise and factual summary is required.

The summary should briefly outline the purpose of the research, key findings and key findings. A summary is often presented separately from the article, so it must be able to stand alone. For this reason, references should be avoided, but if necessary, quote the author and the years. (n)