How To Accept User Agreements On Wii

Although I love Nintendo and they didn`t hurt my system, I still think it`s wrong. It`s not technically against the law or the agreements, but restricting my access to the system I bought with my money until I do something Nintendo wants (whether I agree or not) seems in bad taste. Now, all that is said, while every company plays in the same arena and most of them, or all of them, will have buried BS like this in their CAU for this reason, not all companies are equal. I firmly believe that Nintendo`s current management would not dream of pulling some of the mistes that Microsoft and EA have been trying to do lately (or, in the case of the EAs, not so serious, WHY do they still have customers??). I think in nintendo`s case, they follow the standards set by Denern in front of them, while trying to protect their systems from becoming oases for hackers and thieves. While I do not necessarily agree with the obligation to accept conditions that may not be wanted to be used, I hope that they will not look for ways to abuse this and to upset the loyal community of supporters they have at the moment. I think Nintendo has a bad precedent. If I buy something, I should be able to use it, no matter what the company that sells it thinks. You can deny us updates if we do not accept news eulas (while I still think it`s bad), but force an update and tell us after that we have to accept the new Eula, otherwise we will no longer be able to use the product. However, YouTube user AMurder0fCrows did not accept a passage from the document stating that Nintendo could make updates and changes without notice; In practice, update systems while they are in sleep mode, which, in their most harmless form, could be uploads of SpotPass notifications. What this Wii U owner has documented is that the console cannot be used without the approval of C.C.A., the software is not loaded until it is accepted, and as there is no way to refuse the agreement, the only problem is to remove the power. More agreement with C.C.A., no more games.

@Dipper723 Homebrew is not illegal. Modding a game is not illegal. Everyone does it in the PC industry. There are modders and home-breaks out there who have good intentions and want to improve a game like Super Smash Bros, or Super Mario 3D World, or Sonic Lost World, and now they`re not legally able because Nintendo hasn`t legally linked these people to what`s sad, because that means we`ll never have any usual content like this.