How Can I Terminate My Tenancy Agreement In Dubai

I rented an apartment in downtown Dubai when I was laid off for covid-19. My lease expires in mid-October, but due to the current circumstances, I have to break the contract sooner. I have read in the media that if someone is fired for Covid-19, it is considered an emergency and their lease can be terminated without penalty. You can download a standard rental agreement from Ejari`s official website or the DLD`s smart app. Here too, for all the additional conditions that go beyond the standard conditions agreed between the landlord and the tenant, an endorsement of the Ejari contract, usually designed by the real estate agent, is required. Act 33 of 2008, which amended certain sections of Act 26 of 2007, stipulates only that if the lessor or tenant wishes to amend a change in the contractual terms, he is required to serve the other party with a termination no later than 90 days before the expiry of the tenancy agreement. The terms of the tenancy agreement apply to both the landlord and the tenant. This is in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 1 of Dubai`s amended Rent Act, which states that „the contractual relationship between the lessor and the tenant is governed by a tenancy agreement which, in a manner that leaves no room for insecurity, a description of the rented property, the purpose of the lease, the duration of the tenancy agreement, the rent and the method of payment and the name of the owner of the property, if the owner is not the landlord.” If you need additional help, contact us This means that the tenant can lose rent for the remainder of the contract or pay another amount of compensation to the landlord if he wants to move to early termination of the lease. Under Dubai`s rental right (Article 4), it is imperative to have the terms of a lease in writing and to have registered with RERA. In the absence of a formal lease, both parties are not legally protected by RERA. As a result, the Rent Dispute Settlement Committee (RDSC) and other relevant public authorities are not in a position to intervene or intervene on matters that may arise from a non-regulation relationship that is not registered with RERA, as it is not considered a legally binding contract. Also check this checklist before signing a rental agreement The rent increase calculator rera can also be used to assess the average rental price on the market, but tenants should note that this tool is intended to determine the maximum rent increase that a landlord can charge during the renewal of leases.

Mark mentions that the assessment of the early termination clauses and the punitive value associated with them is essential when signing a new lease. He explains that RERA has not set a specific value for the early termination of a lease. This means that a tenant can negotiate early termination fees before signing the contract at a lower value. Before you sign your lease, make sure you fully understand your rights and obligations as a tenant, as well as Dubai regulations. Also make sure your landlord`s obligations are clear. If you don`t pick up ambiguities or errors in your lease, you may cause headaches in the future. As part of our series on knowing your rights as a tenant, offers you everything you need to know about terminating your lease before the expiry date of the expiry date. Answer: It goes without saying that you live in a rented apartment in Dubai and lost your job in March because of the predominant pandemic. That`s why you decided to move to your home country of Pakistan because it`s hard for you to live without a job in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, your lease stipulates that you must serve a minimum termination period of three months, with a rent of two months, in case you have to terminate the contract before the conclusion.